Roger Duncliff

BACP Registered Psychotherapist and Psychologist, London

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I am Roger Duncliffe (Psychologist, London). I'm a BACP registered psychotherapist and the founder of RPD Psychology. My practice is based in Central London close to Bank, Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations.

I offer psychotherapy primarily from existential and psychodynamic perspectives. A primary focus is on developing the therapeutic relationship to create a setting that is safe and contained. This allows explorations into the difficulties currently being experienced, at a pace appropriate for each individual. An increasing awareness of patterns, querying sedimented thoughts and behaviours can offer new perspectives and lead to positive change.

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Then, following this, what is your approach to helping them feel better? What technqiues, tools and methods do you use to actualise it? If it helps, you can fictionalise an actual client relationship and generalise it - not the actual condition but the before and after and how your techniques took them from a to b.

I have extensive experience working with individuals experiencing:

• substance use
• relational difficulties
• self-esteem
• anxiety
• personality disorders

• substance use
• emotional trauma
• confidence
• depression
• physical and sexual abuse.

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